Revisiting what I did not understand.

One of the projects that I took on this year was to rewatch movies from my past that I didn’t understand.  I was curious to know, if there was a movie that I watched when I was in elementary school…or highschool, where I came out confused – after ten or twenty years – if I were to revisit this story, did I gain wisdom over these years to allow me to understand what I once did not?

So far, I have intentionally rewatched The Hours, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Shallow Hal.

And, I do have to admit that for the first two – I still do not understand lol.  I think, ultimately, what confuses me is the question – why did certain characters kill themselves?   It is the same question I asked one to two decades ago when I first watched these movies.  But I found that I could emphasize with pain much better in watching the The Hours.  What with the intensive media exposure on the effects of mental illness, I do feel that I can feel more with the characters that experienced depression.

Shallow Hal… I couldn’t appreciate this movie at all when I went to my girlfriend’s when I was 15 years old. But I see the beauty of this movie entirely now.  And I loved it.

The next movie I might need to rewatch is Good Will Hunting.