on reading.

last night, i found a journal entry from a few months back:


August 31 12:08 am @ _________ Road

Dear Kris, 

  I think I’ll rest this fall term.  I won’t go back to school.  And I’ll use this time to continue reconnecting w/ myself.  I’ll read.  I’ll write.  I’ll watch TV.  I’ll be me. 
  But mostly, I’ll read. 


I had forgotten how much I struggled with my decision to go back to school this past September.  I have really enjoyed being off of school this term.  This excerpt brought the biggest smile out of me last night, because I have been delighted that I actually have been able to read.   In addition to my post on November 4th… here are the rest of the books that have made their way into my arms and heart from start to finish.   Ending my 2017 with some new reads, and some old reads.

Vanity Fair was a 700+ page book that took me this entire year to read.  I finished it on my flight to Vegas with mom mid November.  Of this entire book, I only liked 4 pages.  And those 4 pages occurred in the last 20 pages of the book.  So.  I’m glad I stuck it out until the end lol.


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To more, and more words – in 2018.