Day 1.

Day 1. My first attempt to share my voice.

I am spending this late night hour, 1:13 AM, Wednesday, doing something that I have been doing on a nightly basis for some time in the last month, that would be surfing YouTube.

I used to think that I was wasting time watching X Factor, or Britain’s Got Talent, every single night.  I have been having a hard time sleeping at normal hours these days.  So I sometimes stay up until 5, or 6, or 7 in the morning.  Just browsing the internet.  I do school work when I have the energy.  I look for work when it doesn’t frazzle me too much.  But apart from that- I listen to music. More specifically, I watch these talent scouting shows.  A lot of times, they can be humourous.  But of course, what we all seek when we watch such a reality show is that one miracle performance.  We seek the surprise in the unexpected.  We seek someone whose voice lifts us.

It is an amazing privilege to watch these contestants come to believe in themselves.  A lot of these people possess a talent that they do not 100% believe in yet.  They don’t realize.

I tend to only like watching first auditions.  I believe that there is no audition that matters more than that one.  And it’s not because it may be your first time putting yourself out in the public, but because it’s the first time you have found people who approve and believe in you, forget the fact that it’s on such a massive scale.  They are people who don’t know you, and hence, their judgment is unbiased.  They are basing their opinion purely on the one moment you have brought to them.  You can trust, as such, that they really have been persuaded, and that their approval of your talent is legitimate.

It’s the first break through.  People can take so much out of that first break through.  The pride, the surprise at having been realized, loved, and appreciated- most of us who have ever had such a moment in our lives- it is like a rush.  We never forget it.  What we choose to do with that pride and approval… that varies.  Those who develop their talent usually go places.  Some don’t end up pursuing that moment further.  And that is a shame.  Because there was probably something there worth pursuing, something that might have changed our lives.

I used to think- if everyone in the world had the opportunity to pursue their passion- we would live in a world of absolute talent.

It has been on my mind that I really want to be in a position where I might be moved by events, moved by people and their stories every day.  I want to be inspired, every single day.  So I have decided that I am going to start a blog documenting the things that move me, and hopefully share them with people who might find that it moves or touches them as well.  In the last few years, Neil Pasricha wrote a book sharing all things awesome; it was titled The Book of Awesome.  I don’t have such an awesome name for my collection of moments yet.  Maybe I will come up with one along the way.

In the meantime, I will share this 2012 Britain’s Got Talent audition that I stumbled across tonight.  She sang so beautifully.  I like how she didn’t falter when Simon cut her off before she even began singing.  I like how humbly she accepted her accolade.  The odds were against her when she first stepped on the stage, you can see it in the way that Simon rolls his eyes.  She showed him.  She showed us all.

And I have come to realize that the reason I watch these auditions every night is because…with each successful contestant who finds a place in that spotlight- I am moved.  I am moved by their courage to put themselves out there, moved by their fear of failure, moved by their compassion for music, moved by their humility throughout praise, and most of all…moved by their gift- which until then- was a secret mostly unknown, a talent the world was oblivious to.  They are moments that wake my soul.

Her name is Hope Murphy.


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