Anti-Bullying Day

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I reached out for the silky dark blue top that I had hung on the closet doorknob the night before- the item I had chosen to wear into work today.  But then, I had a change of heart, and ended up walking back into my closet and turning towards a pink tunic.  It was the perfect day to make that accidental change of wardrobe, for I realized during the morning meeting that to wear pink today, was to share and support the message of anti-bullying.

Going into work, one of the morning radio shows had hosted at length an anti-bullying story.  The narration for a youtube clip was played on air, disclosing a recent sensation at a high school basketball game at Coronado Highschool, Texas.  The manager of the team was a man by the name of Mitchell, who has a developmental disorder.  Despite all, it is evident to everyone how much Mitchell loves the game.

During one particular game against another highschool, Mitchell is given the opportunity to shoot the last hoop, no matter what the score.  The coach, and his team, are determined to give Mitchell a chance to shine in the spotlight.  Time and time again, the ball was passed Mitchell’s way, the audience, and the cheerleaders, screaming his name in support, but each time- Mitchell’s shots missed the hoop. Finally, within the last seconds of the game, the ball landed in an opponent’s hands.  Having understood what had been happening, and that everyone was trying to give Mitchell a chance to score, the opponent passed the ball straight back to Mitchell, and Mitchell scored.

Sitting there in my car, stuck in the commute of morning traffic, I became emotional and cried as I heard the cheers of that auditorium rise on air.  It’s these small acts of kindness that impact people in magnificent ways, reminding us that we are bonded by compassion.

I find it comforting to think that anti-bullying day lands in the month of February, which is even more closely associated to the occasion of Valentine’s Day.  It all just seems very fitting, in the name and month of love, to embrace and spread the message of anti-bullying.


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