Our Story.

This month, I got caught up in a reality tv hype through social media called Ultra Rich Asian Girls in Vancouver.  One of my favorite characters from episode 1, Chelsea, said that you can tell – from the way a person dresses- where they come from, their status, their style, their story.  Her materialism caught on to me.  I wanted to go shopping and just “up” my style.  I have been trying to save money for the past while, and haven’t bought as much new clothes as I would have normally liked.

And then, this past week on Facebook, I chanced across this link on my newsfeed.  Listening to his playing – there is something there.  And I think of how…I got swept with the idea that you can tell who someone is – that you can tell what their story is- by the way they dress.

I don’t think I would have thought much of this man if I saw him, and the way he was dressed, while walking down the street.  Listening to his music – do you wonder where he came from, and how his passion for music developed?  Do you wonder what his story is?

I think he has one.  Despite the way he looks.  Despite the way he is dressed.

That’s almost redundant, isn’t it.  Who doesn’t have a story.



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