When I forget to remember.

I’m having a hard time remembering some very key things these days.  I feel like not having kept up with my blog consistently contributes to this struggle.  The whole reason I started this blog was to use it to remind myself of things that I forget much too easily.  Much too easily. What I forget is how lucky I am.

I get trapped in this whirlwind of envy, ambition, lost dreams, new efforts – trying so hard to find a career that I can be proud of.  That others will respect me for. And then feeling that I’ve gone nowhere.  That there is no hope.  And essentially, I lose respect for myself, and forget all that I have.

In the midst of telling myself to slow down and to calm down today, I received a text message from my dad. He had sent me an image, and this image broke my heart.  It said to me, exactly some of the things that I needed to remember.


What is happiness?
In Iraq,
A motherless little girl,
on the dirt floor of her orphanage
drew a picture of a mother.
Gently, she took off her shoes,
And fell asleep on the mother’s chest.
There are no words in the human language
to describe this scene.
What right do we have
to hold resentment and say that we aren’t blessed?
Treasure what you have.
Happiness can be so simple.
Spend a moment to look at this scene,
perhaps you will be moved to tears.
Do not take the people who come into your life for granted.

Be happy, caterpillar.  You have so, so much.



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