On making friends: A how-to guide.

It was my boss who relayed this story to me yesterday morning.  We had recently had a Homeowner event at work.  Invited everyone who lived in the development to a Christmas gathering – there was wine, appies, gifts.  They took the party seriously.  Dressed up well.  Took out their brooches.  The women armed with red lipstick.  They didn’t want to leave.  Stayed on and on.  Came back again and again with more stories they wanted to tell and have someone laugh with them about.  I chose not to go.  But I’m glad to hear it was so successful.

At one point, one of our favorite Homeowners told my boss of an older woman, a neighbour who lived in the building.  This neighbour said it was hard to make friends around here.  And the Homeowner (who was sharing this story with my boss) didn’t miss a beat.  In her animated way, she re-enacted her instructions on how to make friends.

“First,” she began importantly, “you must not shuffle around with your head down.  You must look up.   You have to make eye contact.  And then, you smile at them.”  I can imagine the grandiose way with which she had said it in the moment.  These instructions were not to be taken lightly.  They were serious.

I also have to say that this Homeowner, is by far one of the most loving, giving, and open people I have ever met in my life.  If you are willing to listen to her – she will share with you, her life story.  It was having a person like her that made my entry into my current world at work so much easier.  She gives love. And she is so loved in return by so many people at work.  She leads by example.

The neighbour who she spoke to, hearing this, nodded.  It made sense to her.

I was touched by how simple these instructions were.  Still, we all need a reminder here and then.


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