Enduring love.

A few days ago on Christmas morning, I had an errand to run which brought me near the area of my great aunt’s grave.  I decided to go see her.  I hadn’t visited in a while.  I used to go more frequently when I was single, but I have to admit that I have been heavily preoccupied with my dating life since I met him two years ago, and I have neglected coming to visit my aunt.  She was a very special person in my life.  Always will be.

Have you ever visited the cemetery on Christmas day?

It was my first time.  I was astonished at the sight of hundreds of Christmas wreaths lying on top of tombstones on the side of the cemetery that my aunt was buried in.  I didn’t know there was such a tradition of bringing green wreaths and poinsettias to the deceased during the holiday season.  I was ashamed that I had brought her nothing.  But I was also very touched to see that such love endured for the deceased.  Even through death, a touch of Christmas was brought to the spot of their grave.  It was another reminder that we need to cherish those we love, the people still by our side, and all the ones we take for granted.  For here was the sight of hundreds of people who had stopped by recently to remember someone, share holiday tidings, and continue to give their love to a person they could no longer be with.

As I approached my aunt’s grave, I couldn’t help but secretly hope that someone had stopped by and left for her, what so many other people had left on my aunt’s neighbouring tombstones.  But the patch of grass around her grey stone was empty.  I was incredibly conscious of a huge party of family members (at least 20 of them) paying their respects at a grave ten steps away.  It was certainly impressive company for Christmas morning.

Next year, I will do better.



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