still alice.

this weekend while i was browsing indigo, engrossed within the titles of some of the newest books, edwin brought to my attention that julianne moore was in a new movie: still alice.  the title of the book brought me out of my muddled thoughts about which book to read next, and i asked him – quite puzzled – how do you know about still alice?  and then he said he just saw it on the shelf.  he pointed behind him, and there i saw the book cover of one of my most favorite novels in the world.

still alice
i couldn’t believe it.  how could i have missed this?  i saw no trailers or anything about it posted on social media.  perhaps it was because not many people in my circle may have read this book.  edwin, seeing my look of amazement as i went up to take a closer look – to validate that, yes, still alice is now a movie – looked it up on his phone for me right away, and said it had just come out (this weekend).

still alice is one of the few books i have in my heart’s repertoire.  one of the few books i leaf through to remind myself of something again and again. it’s the same theme as many of the blogs i have posted here. it’s about health. it’s about life. it’s about cherishing something we’ve forgotten to cherish.

this story is about a woman who loses herself to alzheimer’s.  it was my first glimpse into actually being able to understand what that world might look like.  and every time i recommend this book to someone, i tell them that this story is such a gem because the people who undergo alzheimer’s could never make it out to tell us with coherency what their world has become. and this author, a neuroscientist, takes us to that level. to that inaccessible (and to those who become diagnosed with it – inescapable) world.

i can’t wait to see this.

did i mention that julianne moore is one of my favorite actresses ever?


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