what about –

what about that time where i was driving along a busy major street in the city.  i stopped at a red light behind a string of cars and saw that driver in front of me was leaning over to his right, looking at something out the window.  i followed his line of sight and saw that a biker had fallen on the ground, so far out that she had come out of the biker lane and onto the sidewalk.  it must have been a bad fall.

a biker behind her rode past.  i saw her struggle to get up.  it was one of those moments where you wonder if you should turn off the engine and get out of that car.  help the person on the road.  i’ve had a few of those moments.

this fallen biker was a woman probably in her early forties.  there was a pedestrian, an older gentleman in a thick, grey business coat who came up to her.  i could tell that he was asking if she was all right.  she seemed relieved.  smiled. she must have said yes, because he was about to walk off.  but maybe she had received a scare and needed to tell someone what happened, because she said something loud enough to catch this gentleman’s attention again. and he turned back a few steps to listen to her.  nodding.  making more small talk.

at this point, he made some gestures and i could tell that he was telling her of a bad fall he had had too on the bike.  just from body language.  i was touched to see, at that one minute stop light, so much interaction between two strangers.  and one who was kind enough to stop for a moment and see if the other had been hurt, and to tell her his story so that she wouldn’t feel so bad or silly for crashing in the middle of a huge street.



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