I’m not brave enough to post this on Facebook.

Ever since I started considering psychology in the back of my mind, I have felt something that might …

It’s sometimes a begrudging feeling.  Like, I don’t really want to think about it.  And honestly – I never thought much about it before I began the journey of considering this path.

Mental health is a topic that scares me, because there is so much I don’t understand.  And there is so much darkness in this topic, so much pain at times.  Those suffering from it are in a world that I often feel I want no part of.

I know.  I’m terrible.  Because in doing this, I choose ignorance.  I choose my sunny life.  I’ll leave the others to deal with what they have to by themselves.

But now that I have started to question whether I might want to even attempt this path or career- I feel that there is a weight and a burden for me to over come.  At least try.  Despite being scared of what I might see, and what I might feel.

I saw something on facebook I would like to share.  It wasn’t from a friend.  It was just one of those random posts that come up from other links… I think this is when your google chrome knows what you’ve been searching online, and then it feeds your social media with other websites related to what you’ve goolged in the past.

This was a link about the Germanwings crash that occurred this week in the French Alps.  4 days ago.   I first heard about the tragedy from a colleague at work.  I was on the phone at the time, and I was on hold.  And sitting there, patiently waiting to hear back, one of them came to my door and told me that a plane had gone down.  I remember looking  up at him in shock, and mouthing the words “oh no”, while still holding the receiver to my ear.

It just seems like it’s not stopping.  All of these tragic, tragic plane crashes one after another.  It seems to be a number that has been rising particularly since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

So painful.  So awful to read about.

And so last night, I was on facebook and then this link popped up – and I feel that what they are saying is true.  In my new found attempt to empathize with those suffering with mental illness – I do find that I deeply empathize with what is being said here.  The stigmatism and negativity is blatant – all eyes and fingers pointed at Depression.

But I’m too scared to post this on Facebook.  One being that I try not to use fb as a political platform.  I don’t think it’s the right space from which to do so, despite the fact that it does reach a lot of people when you do.  And the second being that I don’t want others to scream political things to me in response to political things I put on fb…

But I will post it here.  It is solid food for thought.  How do we overcome this?  How can we grow to understand and accept the severity of mental illness…its prevalence, reasons and consequences- especially when it comes at the cost of 150 lives in that plane?

Oh god.




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