Ok I feel better.


This link did come from a friend on facebook, completely by random.  We had not been talking about this, even though she is one of my closest friends.

These words from the above article made me feel a lot better in understanding something that I don’t understand:

For instance: Act completely blasé, then lock the pilot out of the cockpit, and deliberately crash a plane full of people. 

I don’t know what that is, but it’s not depression.

It’s hard to specify what it is exactly that I feel better about. I think by clarifying a perspective of what is and isn’t depression, this author has lifted a massive cross on those who suffer from depression.  She defends them.  And in doing so, she gives us – or at least gives me – another chance to learn to be compassionate and not to fear those who live it.

We don’t have to accept all hurtful deeds in the name of a medical diagnosis that is both misused and misunderstood.  Maybe.


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