The ship of clouds sails over the moon

The ship of clouds sails over the moon

We spent the day at the PNE amidst the most tremendous wind storm of the year this past weekend. Despite the rain and the cold, we had a great day, and in the evening, settled into the Pacific Coliseum to watch a Broadway production of Peter Pan. Popcorn in one hand, unimpressive curly fries in the other.

I fell asleep on his shoulder for half an hour before the show began.

It was an adaptation, not quite like the original narrative, and not quite like Disney. But many of the most classic backdrops were there – that beautiful nursery, the starry sky, and of course, the pirate ship. The set changes were less complex, and there were less special effects as this was a smaller scale production, and most definitely a smaller stage, but I enjoyed it very much.

Peter is one of the most mesmerizing characters I grew up loving. In my university years, the best paper I felt I ever wrote was on Hook. And in the years following my graduation, my most favorite academic journals to plunge into examined the life of Peter Pan.

I have a wistful dream on my bucket list to find his grave one day. And Alice’s as well.

Until then.


The nursery.


Peter’s shadow.


They fly.


Walking the plank.


“Peter, I’m old now.”


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