6 AM.

I did it!  I made it into work at 6 am today.  And now, the trick is to maintain this.

It was so dark out this morning on the road.  And it was raining, which (as always) made it that much harder to see. I was amazed by the number of cars already on the road at 5:30- the fact that there were so people going to work already at the same time.  Despite that, the congestion was many times less, and I made it from home to work in record time.

It reminded me of how I have worked all hours of the day.  The pitch black 2 hour drives I took from Vancouver back to Whistler for my graveyard shifts.  The only light available would be the rear lights of someone’s car.  And you would only hope that you had a car in front of you that you could keep up with when you needed it.  They always sped away so fast.  The Sea to Sky is a highway you have to be very careful on, especially during those after dark hours.

And then, when I left that position and started to go back to work on more regular hours, getting stuck in a morning traffic jam was something I actually enjoyed, because it meant that I was living life with everyone else.  I would look over to the next car and see the woman trying to put mascara on at a stop light.  The man swigging coffee out of his silver mug in another car.  Another woman eating her breakfast- a banana, in still another car.  And I would think – hey, we’re waking up all together.  This is nice.

I never minded the radio the way a lot of people do.  I didn’t mind the commercials that came on, and all the talking of the morning radio shows.  Because I knew everyone was listening to the same thing, and this comforted me.  It reminded me yet again that I was living in the same work mode and moment as all these strangers around me. That I was moving with the world.  No longer up and working when the majority of the world was dead asleep.

I liked that.

But I wouldn’t have traded my graveyard experience in the hotel world.  It made me stronger.  Made me experience something that was absolutely necessary to experience.

Still, it’s nice to be waking up in the morning and sleeping at night now.


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