October 4th.

I actually struggled with the idea of doing this.  I found the idea of showing my support on facebook so much easier than doing this in my house.  And I was like – yes, I will make this my profile photo and cover photo and show the world I care.

But I didn’t do that.  I’m being a fake.  My facebook bravery is not real.  It’s me hiding, and trying to put on a visual front that I don’t have the courage to generate in person.

I’ve never been a political person, and I’ve always only investigated cases of ethnic strife behind the safety of classrooms, or online when in private.   But – just so happened – I found the link today, which said it was the anniversary date of this project.  It said, show your support.  Hang a red dress.

I struggled. And struggled.

There’s a place by my bedroom window which would work great.  I was actually afraid that if someone saw the dress and knew what it stood for (knew whose rights this symbol was advocating for), that they would come get me.  Can you believe it?  That’s my political stance.  Afraid.  

But I did it.  It’s up.  My blinds are down, but they’re been adjusted so that you can see out.  I don’t know if I can pull the blinds up so that the dress is seriously in your face when you walk past my house – but it’s there.  And it truly is so, very, very sobering.

The REDress Photography Project.

For you.  The woman I didn’t know.


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