A few weeks ago, my sister and I had gone over to play with H. and M (ages 5 and 3).

Their mother had bought little pumpkins for us to draw on, and she laid out a large ziplock bag of felt pens for us to colour with.

I wanted to please little H.  She likes My Little Ponies, and she said Twilight Sparkle was her favorite, so I googled an image of said pony, picked up a purple felt pen, and began to draw on the pumpkin.

I have always prided myself on my drawing skills. Rather, I’m pretty good at copying.  But I am more used to drawing with a pencil, so that I can erase and start over any mistakes as they occur.  Of course, though, there was no erasing with this felt pen, and drawing on a curved surface affected my spatial judgement as well.  So while the pony started off looking ok, at the end, it didn’t.  In a matter of minutes, my Twilight Sparkle had turned out quite disproportionate.   I looked at it unhappily and kept muttering that I had turned her into a fat pony.

At this point, H. looked at it and asked very genuinely, why do you say that?  I think it looks really good…!

It took a few times of her asking me why that I suddenly realized that the world of a child is much more forgiving.  And then I did ask myself internally why was I being so hard of myself?  Was it because I had seen myself do better before, or had I simply forgotten how to be more kind to myself?

I need to be around children more often.  They forgive and forget.    What’s wrong with a fat pony?

On a side note, I found this image on google.  I have no idea what it means.  But I guess somewhere in the world, someone could make use of a fat pony.

fat pony


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