blue. white. red.

my sentiments are similar to this post.  my heart has felt heavy the last two nights.  and i remember turning to him and telling him this – that i don’t know what to do. he consoled me in the right way.

i didn’t turn my fb photo into france’s flag colours – not b/c i don’t care – but because somewhere in my heart, i am conflicted by what i worry is merely an attempt to catch on to something that is simply a fad. everyone is doing it – so i should too?  does it mean anything to those in france, and to those that experienced what happened friday night in paris?  do they feel comforted by a world of profile photos having turned blue white and red?  if they did, if it comforts them greatly, maybe i would.  but i’m not sure.  so i didn’t do it.

i preferred to post more articles of the news on the facebook feed for those who do not have the time or desire to search up new information on what’s been happening.  that for me, means more.  to provide information is my small, small, way of support.

i’m so sorry for their pain.  i can’t even imagine.


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