how we forge relationships.

i was speaking with someone at work recently, who told me a story that made me think…how funny the world works – how haphazardly relationships (strong relationships) can be created.


many years ago, he went to a young hairstylist who, while cutting his hair, asked him if he knew he had an unusual bump at the back of his head. he said no.  she said, if i were you, i would get it checked out.  and so he did.

lymph node cancer.

it’s been many years now.  treatment has occurred.  and everything is in recession.  just regular check ups all the time. always.

but he said, from that time on – he knew he would go to her for his haircuts until the day he died.  and he has gone to her ever since.




this story filled me with a sense of wonder.  it was just chance.  it forged a gratitude that has become his commitment to her.  cutting hair.


how unexpected. and how beautiful.


i’m so glad he’s ok.  he’s a wonderful person.


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