On Angels.

A couple years ago, there was an afternoon in the car where I turned to him while he was driving and said, very seriously, that I thought R was an angel.

He glanced back at me, uncertain.  And then said, “Like – a real one?”

A few weeks ago, I asked him if he knew any angels.  He said he didn’t get it, and that I was the only one who used that term.  He’d never heard anyone say this before.



To me, angels are people who do things that most people would not do.  They’re just – the every day people around you who never get famous for what they’ve done – they just do things that are so grand of heart.  And then they go back to their every day lives.


I know 2 angels.


I actually wanted to write about R a long time ago.  I searched up what happened on youtube and actually found the clip.  But it was so painful to rewatch that decided I couldn’t post it here.  He wouldn’t have wanted me to anyways.  Just cause he is that humble.


It was during the 2011 Stanley Cup.  When the riot broke out, there was a massive crowd of people who began to break the windows of a department store.  R went up against the glass, pushed the people back, facing them, arms wide open, yelling at them to stop it.  He’s a big guy, and for a few moments, the crowd held back and watched him.  This one…sane person yelling at normal people gone mad.  This clip went on the news.  I had seen it a number of times, but then one of those nights in the week following, I was at work eating dinner at the staff room, and one of my colleagues told me that it was R, who worked here.  And then on the screen, the mob began to beat him up.  You saw him fall to the ground and basically disappear under a mass of people.    I was so shocked to put a name to that person, the face so hard to make out on the bad camera quality.

They couldn’t find who R was for a while.  He didn’t want to be found.  And E told me that R never talked about it when he came into work.  He didn’t want to talk about it.  But news leaked.  And he was seen as a hero.  Which he was.

This everyday person – who does brave things.  He deserves so much.  I don’t know him well.  I’m just honoured to have cross paths with him, and that he is a facebook friend.



The second angel is a girl I met only at the start of the year: L.

L is an amazing woman.  She wants to do really great things in life and in her psychology career.  She’s got so much focus.  I really admire that about her.

Last month in class, someone said something disrespectful to our instructor.  I was working on a class assignment and didn’t hear it. But I remember looking up and seeing L sitting next to me, her face red, livid, and her eyes tearing with anger.   She said, “I so would have said something if I was over at that table.  You c**t!”

I had no idea what was going on.  I just kept doing my assignment.

Later on, when I had more head space, I turned to her and said, “You were upset.  What happened.”

She said our (a very kind and most patient) instructor  had noticed that a classmate of ours was on facebook on her phone.  She had told him she didn’t understand what we were discussing in class, and he had said to her kindly that maybe if she got off facebook and paid attention, she would understand.

This must have pissed the girl off.  Because she responded by saying, “I’m the one who pays your salary.  I think I can figure out how I want to use my time.”


L was so, so mad.  And she snapped at them later on to basically shut up while they were rudely talking in the middle of our instructor’s lecture.

After class, she told me with her job, people yelling at her never phases her out.  What gets to her is when kind people are bullied.

I think I will remember that conversation always.  It was one of the kindest things I had ever heard from your everyday friend.  These are angels.  These are the people who care 1000 times more than normal.


I know two. I think I’m lucky.


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