On humility.

An interesting Chinese singing competition came to my attention last year.  It was my dad who introduced me to it.  This a competition not amongst ppl who wish to have their dream of singing realized, but rather where established singers compete against each other.  I love this concept.  You rarely see celebrities in such a vulnerable position after they’ve made their claim to fame.  Why would they want to be?

I became reacquainted with this singer in particular.  From the very first note, my heart just wants to dissolve:


I was really moved by how strongly he cheered for one of his biggest competitors in this show.  It’s a side of the celebrity world that I never even considered – that singers would cheer each other on.

His expression of support at 4:07:

He had this one interview during this show where he said if he should have the honour of winning this competition, he would give his trophy to his record company & manager.  He said, coming to this point, if you win the trophy, do you really think that trophy belongs to you?  No, it doesn’t.  It belongs to all those who believed in you and supported you along the way.  To those who helped you become who you are.

I loved him for saying that.  Celebrity humility.  It felt very real.  I think he is wonderful.

He didn’t win.  But I’m a fan.


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