my first … almost demo?

something interesting happened yesterday.  so i will put this in the category of “something that happened today”, because it’s close enough.

remember how i was feeling down about my acting?

well, as part of my actor’s exercise to “grow” (as requested by my coach), i went and youtubed some advice on voice acting and came across a recommendation to a facebook page that had a community of people that gave good input and advice on voice demos.

so i requested to join this group.

and for the first time in my life, i posted a clip of myself to the big wide world.

to my utter surprise, within ten minutes, the creator of the group sent me a revised version of my voice clip back – with background music – to make the narration seem more real.

i was so delighted.

and here, i will share with you his 3 minute edit.


it’s not perfect. and it’s not a professional demo by any means.  but it’s as close as i’ve ever been.. and…it was a good pick-me-up.

i couldn’t believe he did that lol.


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