like those love stories.

the fact that this trip happened was a miracle.  it was all five of us on the island.  i reconnected with nature in a way that i never had.  i have never experienced, appreciated, and enjoyed nature the way i did this past easter.

on saturday night, he and i found ourselves on the beach, alone. it was pitch black. 10:30 pm.  we found a log to sit on and stayed there until midnight almost, huddling by the fire.  he got it kindling and warm.  he is so good at this type of stuff. my island boy.

we looked up at the stars.  he tried to find the constellations for me.

i spent most of that hour with my neck craned back, staring at the sky, willing for another shooting star to find its way into my vision.

i prayed for my sister’s health.

we talked about things.  life in outer space.  it’s funny how staring up at the sky always brings about that conversation.

it was the first time in my life that i experienced and understood the phrase, twinkle twinkle little star. i had never seen stars twinkle before in my life – can you believe that?  but there they were. flicker. strong. then gone.  next to it. another flicker. strong. then gone.

it was just like in those stories.

the sea otter that called out in the dark always sounded like it was getting closer.

he is my favorite person.



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