the girl in the next bed came in in handcuffs.  her distress something i rarely see.

same goes for the expertise of the nurse, who decided that because the girl was not cooperating, that she would tie her arms down.

it’s 11:54 pm.  i’ve had more than half a bottle of moscato.  i’m playing passionfruit by drake.  i feel like what i just wrote in the above paragraph belongs more in one of those pieces of fiction that i’m always playing around in my head.  but it’s not.  it’s real.  it happened two days ago.

m knew her.

she told me they hadn’t talked.  but they knew and remembered each other.  and she told me the next day that she had handed this girl a piece of candy between the curtains that partitioned them.  “here you go, _________”.

she said she thought it had brought comfort to the girl.

this, i recognized instantly, was humanity.


the things that i fear, the antidote is my sister.



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