it happened.

when i look back to all the pictures i have taken of the trips we’ve been on, i’m so utterly grateful that i have someone to live such a rich life of experience with.  a couple relationships ago, when i was juggling the pain of long distance (yet again), i realized that one of the most wonderful and meaningful things about a couple being physically together was being able to share the same moments with your significant other.  that when you look up and  see a beautiful moon, you can show him, and you can both spend one moment of appreciation together under the same night sky.  or when you window shop and see something funny in the display, you point to it, and he is there next to you. and you two laugh together, right there and then.

the pictures, and the things we sometimes bring back with us on our trips, are a firm reminder that we have pocketed another experience together.  and from the bottom of my heart, i am so happy.

this past week since the victoria day long weekend, while washing my dishes, i would look over at these trinkets on my countertop everyday.  a jar of honey from his relatives in australia.  two bottles of maple syrup- wedding party favors from the dinner reception.  i am reminded that this weekend getaway happened. and we have, this year, both taken one trip with our respective families.


grateful.  so grateful.