if the weeknd knew.

she was dancing enthusiastically behind the glass pane.  i watched only halfheartedly from my side peripheral, never knowing if it’s a good idea to stare.

throughout the next hour, she flipped from one tv channel to the next.  cheering through hockey.  and then playing more mtv music videos.  sometimes, she had one patient join her.  they always stayed only briefly.  she seemed to be the one in charge of the tv for the evening.  or perhaps they courteously decided that she could be the one to watch it for the evening.

mom said that earlier in the day, she had been singing at the top of her lungs. it was a french song.  and that her voice was beautiful.  she said it had sounded so good.  i wish i had heard her. talent is talent.  and somehow – so much more stunning and precious behind these four walls.  the idea that drugs won’t necessarily sedate natural talent…makes me-



and then, when “i feel it coming” came on, she jumped up and said happily, “oh i love this song.”

i do too.

and so the three of us, her on the other side of the glass in the common area, me in the sun room, and the patient across from me (a new friend for myself, and m), all hummed to this song.  music connects us all.

what would the weeknd think, if he knew that his music brings joy even to those who reside in that ward?


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