the red line.

the new male patient asked last night, “i can’t go past the red line?”




this past week has been so hard.  when it’s time to leave at 8 pm, she walks with us right up to the red line.   and then she stops and watches as we walk the ten remaining steps to the door, and out.


mom and i would turn around and see her in the window of the steel door.  some days were particularly hard for her.  my heart wanted to fall to the floor. she would cry like her world was crumbling.  she wanted to get out of here.


tonight marks day 7.  she was calmer tonight.  she was able to turn around at the red line and walk back to her room.  she didn’t have to pine.

mom and i will never forget these days.  god.  help us get out of here too.


we love you mel.



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