When gratitude begets gifts.

Friday, the first day after m came out of St Paul’s, was one of the most relaxing days for me in a while. I felt a weight off my shoulders, knowing she was home. It was such a relieving feeling.

I went out for dim sum by myself while cracking into chapter one of forensic psych. Just two dishes. And I was so fulfilled and happy.


Afterwards, I had a facial. I thanked her profusely for letting me in last minute.  I told her as I laid down how happy I was to be here. She laughed. And while my facialist said she could only fit me in for 30 minutes, she gave me a 45 minute pamper at the price of a half hour session.  This facial was utterly amazing. I was so touched she fit me in for more time, and gave me an amazing massage along with it. I am definitely going back to give her at least another $300 of my business ( facial gifts for other ppl etc). This was gift number one of the weekend.

And then later in the afternoon, I went to a florist to order arrangements for our early mothers day celebration today. I asked for five bouquets of $10, and had a good conversation with the owner of the flower shop. I let her take total charge of the arrangement of each bouquet. She surprised me on Saturday by giving me an arrangement that far, far exceeded the amt I had paid. I was so thankful and touched. I hugged her. This was gift number two.

I think they will love this.




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