one of those brides.

most everyone has been commenting on how fast i’ve been moving with the wedding planning.  some good friends reminding me that some things need to be done now, others saying that i have time, my sister telling me everything seems to be happening at lightening speed.

to be honest, i do feel that i have been going crazy fast.  almost as if the wedding was going to take place in 6 months as opposed to one year and two weeks. 

i had begun planning my vendors and potential venues such a long time ago.  truly.  maybe a year ago.  i did all this prep work because i was stressed at the idea of being stressed (when the time came).  and that’s just sad.  but it was how i felt.

the guest list was ready half a year prior to e asking me to marry him.  this has perhaps been the best organized project of my life thus far.  granted, the event has not happened. and that will be the true testament.  but right now… everything is coming along so well.

i ordered the first bridesmaid dress today. and i have been racing around town with appts with venues, wedding shoot studios, booking locations for the shoots, the make up team, the photographer himself.

i completed the draft itinerary for the day last night.

i guess having been to so many weddings, and being bridesmaid five times already helps. (make that six times by next weekend….!!)

i have two midterms upcoming.  i’m going to have to try to calm down if i’m ever going to buckle down to study.  but it shouldn’t be too hard.  it’s been less than one month since the proposal and i think i’m already getting a little tired of talking about the wedding everyday.


for real.





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