we went for a stroll at the beach.  the sand was very hot under our feet.  we stood in the water and let the waves wash up hard against our ankles.  the current was strong today.

we watched a father and his small son attempt to launch into the water with their canoe.  it kept almost tipping.

we watched someone make their way with a make shift canoe.  he didn’t seem to be going very fast. his strokes didn’t look like they were making much headway.

i told e about how i used to come to this beach all the time.  my parents would windsurf, and i would sit on the back of their windsurfing board.  always scared for my life every time we fell into the water in the deep end, off shore.

i was six.  i was seven.  i was eight.  and i was afraid of the sharks.

there are no sharks out here, e said.

oh, but it felt awfully possible in the moment.

i told him my earliest recollection of curly fries was at this beach.  we would order curly fries when we came as children. it was one of the highlights of coming here.  i would sit on a beach towel and eat them.

the wind always blew sand into our fries.  we ate our fries with sand.

why don’t we do this stuff more often, i asked as we continued making our way along the edge of the shore.  the waves felt so good.

it’s because he is too busy playing video games. and i’m usually too busy watching tv.  we give up these moments with nature.

it was so nice today.  our first beach stroll in an extremely long time.  i was happy.

it was so simple.



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