when you watch your ex’s get married.

this has been an extremely interesting decade.

i lost many men who i thought i was going to marry.  perhaps i jumped to conclusions for some of them. one i loved hard. so, so hard. some i didn’t, but the hurt was still sharp. i still remember. i’m not that old yet.

but…i have to say that watching your ex’s get married – this is an extremely … i don’t even have the word for it.  but you know that with every decision to make this step, someone’s life has changed profoundly. a commitment has been promised.

no looking back.


it’s hard to describe how finite this feels.   it’s like your time is a book, and these people are now firmly closed chapters within that book. well, those chapters were always closed regardless.  but when you see one of them get married –  it’s like someone sat on that book and gave it just that much more of a shove to clasp the lock.


it’s – so interesting.  life is funny.  will this feeling ever leave?  or will i be sixty and experience the same amusement, when i think back to these men?




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