townhouse living.

our current situation is a one bdrm townhouse on the ground floor. it’s very much like a condo though, because it’s one level. very small.  i feel like… this is the type of life i was meant to have. i love sitting by the window and hearing people talking, laughing, washing dishes, opening their microwave, watching tv, walking their babies…all within close proximity.  much closer proximity than living in a single detached home. true, it’s less privacy. but i feel the community more. and it’s very me.  i have always wanted to be closer to people. and while i do not know my neighbours, i am greatly comforted by how close they are to me.  i don’t ever feel lonely in this condo/townhouse environment.

i love stepping outside the front door and going into the outdoors. i didn’t realize i would love this.  but i enjoy it so much more than my experience of living in an apartment, where you step out the front door and enter a hallway. i mean – i loved apartment living while i was there. but living in a townhouse feels so much more like home.

i think i have always wanted to be close to people. i don’t prefer privacy. granted, as long as the neighbours are civil… i might even be able to live with how loudly my neighbours stomp about at 12:30 am in the morning, running down the stairs… or their once odd habit of sweeping their patio above at like 1 am in the morning (i was like wtf, lying in bed next to the window, windows wide open in the summer heat, unable to sleep).  in the end, what i experience during the day – it’s all worth it.  i’m happy here.  but we will move out soon one day.  i know it.  in the meantime – this is so lovely.

IMG_20170723_131714 (1).jpg



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