i stalk pretty girls.

so. i kind of have this thing where – often to motivate myself to work out- i look at pictures of pretty girls on fb.  it’s this weird stalkerish thing that e can never quite get over. and these aren’t girls that i know either.  they’re strangers.  friends of friends. maybe someone i crossed paths with in school.


it’s not that i don’t know pretty girls myself. heck. i know tons!  my girlfriends are all so attractive in so many ways.  but i think i gravitate towards the ones i don’t know because there is more mystique about strangers.

regardless, i somehow came across them through the weirdly intertwined world of social media – and i use the pics of their flawless skin, beautiful smiles, and flat tummies to tell myself to work out.

sometimes i think – hey – this is a nice pic. but they don’t have a lot of likes.

and then upon scrolling through more of their pics, always eager to see another beautiful pose, i see that they have very few likes always.

and then i wonder – are they nice people. how come they don’t have more likes.  beautiful people attract popularity.

i have way more likes than them.




this post is in massive conflict to yesterday’s post.


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