my happiness project

ABOUT: amdist 1000 happiness projects happening around the world, i decided yesterday (july 21, 2017) that i will document one happy moment a day for 365 days.  let’s see how this goes. xo


March 31, 2018: i lived my satc moment today.  carrie bradshaw came alive in my life, and my heart is full.  (i did not buy them, though i was certainly bargaining on it by going to look for them today.)   my first interaction with manolo blahnik.




November 15, 2017: it seems that  no matter how much of a raise i get, i can’t seem to save money.  i was also in a work funk.  so all in all, not a great wednesday evening. i went online to read about saving money, and managing money stress.  it talks about focusing on what you CAN save, rethinking how you spend, and generally being grateful for things you have.  so here is a dark picture of my living room right now, christmas music playing, fireplace going (my feet were freezing half hour ago, but now they are comfy), and the laundry out to dry.  the reason money saving has felt more pinched than prior is rent. and i wanted to move out.  the wedding spending.  i wanted to get married.  i am getting everything.  now, just need to learn to manage it all (including my stress, and tuning into my gratitude more).  i have clothes. food. warmth. and love.  it is good.

November 13, 2017: my first day back in almost three months. today, i changed out the photos on my fridge when i found the photos c had sent me after her wedding in singapore.  i put my invite up, and her thank you card, and laughed at how similar they were.  her photo, was the inspiration for my invite after all.  after all these years of putting up my girlfriend’s invites in my room, it’s finally my turn to put up my own invite.

August 20, 2017: i met up with sk who has been doing her annual visit back from hk for summer time holidays.  we haven’t seen each other in two years.  this time around, we are both engaged.  it’s so nice to reconnect with people that i didn’t get a chance to form a solid friendship with in pmss.  she is not the only woman that i have reconnected with since graduating from hs so many years ago.  we were at leisure for tea.  i had a tiramisu.  she had mango shaved ice.

August 19, 2017: night market happiness with my sister and jenny.  m had a good time. i was so glad.  we had a lot of food.  and she was happy. that matters.

August 18, 2017: nothing. just an extremely tiring day going into work after that amazing wedding party the night before………

August 17, 2017: ivy & stephen’s wedding today. finally, not on the bridal party for once.  don’t have to do anything. prep. run around. decor. just sit, smile, and eat. e was on the groomsmen party. i was so proud of him. he did a LOT of work for this wedding.  the slideshow. the quiches for the ceremony.  all the shopping, all the drinking parties.  he is a good friend. next year, it will be my turn…

August 16, 2017: i had dim sum alone again.  probably my last alone time dim sum in a long time as i will be going back to work full time.  i had just submitted my last psyc 391 term assignment the night before.  and i came to hml to read a magazine and have my two favorite dishes by myself on a very, not busy, not crowded wednesday morning.  it was utter bliss.

August 13-15, 2017: forgot

August 12, 2017: i tried a new recipe tonight.  it was a maple salmon.  and it was a success.  e ate all that i left for him.  i was so happy.

August 11, 2017: forgot

August 10, 2017:  it’s been a two year journey.  and i count my blessings that i have been able to invest in my education, despite the stress, emotional strain, and financial pressures.  learning is a privilege.  they call university an ivory white tower.  it is.  no matter what happens, no matter whether i finish or don’t  – i am grateful.

August 8 & 9…forgot

August 7, 2017: our freezer is full.  and this makes my heart full.  we laughed a lot, as e tried to tetris all our frozen goods in.  we are so blessed.



August 6, 2017: this ticket purchase was a massive mistake costing me hundreds of dollars.  it isn’t a happy memory, and my heart utterly stopped last night when i saw the transaction had processed despite my desperate attempt to close the browser and end it before it went through.  but still, this has been a learning process for me.  and i should be happy to learn.  and in the long scheme of things, maybe a few hundred dollars is not that much when it comes to learning lessons.


August 5, 2017: this morning, i came across an old conversation of myself and a classmate’s at the university where i’m taking more courses now.  i made a screenshot and decided that it would be my photo for the day, because having the memory of that moment brought back into my day was meaningful. it made my august 5th meaningful.



August 4, 2017:  The smoke is creating this perpetual haze around the lower mainland.  It’s not as scary as what we experienced last year.  The smell of the smoke was utterly alarming.  There is no smell this summer.  Tonight as I was driving away from home, I saw the moon.  Blood red.  I rolled down my passenger window to call to M.  M, come look at this.  The moon is blood red.

I think that’s the sun.  She said.

Oh, I replied.

It’s hard to see it in this pic.  But it was a dark dark red.



August 3, 2017: E was out groomsmen attire shopping tonight. I had the tv and the entire place to myself.  This is a moment of solitude that I caught myself experiencing as I looked up from washing the dishes.  I was present.  In the moment.  This is what they call it in meditation.  And I enjoyed my moment of privacy.  My alone time.  So I took this photo from where I was standing.



August 2, 2017: J came from Taiwan to spend the month with my fam.  She brought pineapple cake for me.  :’)  Taiwan –  you were a trip to remember for life.   My dad took this pic.  It’s blurry.


August 1, 2017: I was grateful that he was alive.  It’s an anxiety I need to learn to manage better.  But – I was grateful.  So here is his photo.  I was laughing about how his bangs looked like long eyebrows.


July 31, 2017: All I did was send DK some photos for his professional website.  He really didn’t need to get me a gift. And something so beautiful and expensive too.  It took me all but 10 minutes to choose some photos for him.  He is too kind.  I always want to acknowledge his loss, but sometimes, I just don’t know how to approach the situation.  I feel that I fill in in some way for his daughter.  All I can do is hug him for her.



july 30, 2017: the morning after e’s bday.  very sore and extremely exhausted from the night before.  he made me breakfast. again. ❤  we watched ellen.  (water bottles are courtesy of night nation run. there were pallets of them leftover at the end of the night.)



july 29, 2017: night nation run for e’s bday.  THE MOST INCREDIBLE DANCE PARTY NIGHT I HAVE HAD IN 9 YEARS.


july 28, 2017: night market with my very good friend j.  i was astonished with this pic.  i have been working out consistently, and i was seeing the results in this photo.


July 27, 2017: i forgot to take a photo.

July 26, 2017: studying for my 2nd midterm for psyc 391: stalking and intimate partner violence.  this instruction is incredible.  and i have been loving this course, even if my grade is subpar… (quinoa for dinner.)


July 25, 2017: i got sick… couldn’t find the mental energy for any pics…

July 24, 2017: it was harder to think of what to capture a photo of today.  just an average monday, was my first thought. i had some really good quality time  with e before and after work, but nothing i could snap a pic of.  but i thought a bit harder and knew that this was something i can appreciate. he cleaned the oven today. he always does a really good job at it.

July 23, 2017: this morning, i threw my diet out the window and had an extravagant breakfast with e.  we watched an old episode of ellen (we have like 60 episodes to catch up on), and it was like our old life during wintertime, when we didn’t have so many commitments, and i didn’t have school, and we could have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  all the time laughing at a good show that was playing on cable. i cherish these moments.

July 22, 2017: resisted the urge to go to ihop. made pancakes at home along while watching chinese tv. a blissful saturday morning.


July 21, 2017: Although I only got a 4/10 on this week’s quiz, I had a very wonderful evening of studying on the corner of my beautiful $20 chair that I got heavily discounted from the showhomes at work.  I love this corner of the house now.