if strength were beauty.


i know it is.

but what if strength’s beauty was physical, visible to the outside world?   and by strength, i mean adjectives like determination, perseverance, perspective, and bravery.  emotional capacity to get through life’s curve balls.

what if, the stronger you are as a person, the more physically beautiful you become?

what if it was easy to distinguish who was strong, and who was not – because the emotionally weak are “ugly”?

what kind of world would we live in if we admired beautiful people not just for their face, their body, their ability to apply make up, or put together a good outfit- but because their beauty was a result of their heart, and their mind?

what if the beautiful people were the ones that could get up after they’d fallen down?




maybe there shouldn’t be a divide at all.  what does it matter who is ugly, who is beautiful.  in this instance, i am still awarding the “beautiful”, like being beautiful is the most important badge of honour.

it’s not.

i just thought it would add an interesting dimension to us as a species – to admire beauty for something more than face value.




image: disney’s ursula, the little mermaid.