bits of you. bits of them.

in stories of heartbreak, there’s often a phrase about how they took a piece of you away.  about how your heart can never be whole again.

but sometimes, I think – maybe it’s the other way around.  maybe they left a piece of themselves.

the reason I use sweet and sour sauce dip with my mcnuggets.

the reason I feel something when I listen to JC music.

the reason I understand the ethnicity of your community differently.

the reason a blank feeling overcomes me in that parking lot.

the reason why a French vanilla is the only drink I ever order at tim hortons.

the reason I find a man’s ability to communicate with words – meaningful.

the reason I did a double take when he told me his last name.  the same as yours.

what i think of when it comes to compassion.


we are the sum of our experiences. having you in my life changed me. every one of you.


their presence lingers.

is this what they call sentimental?  or have I not learnt to let go, after all this time.

bits of you.  bits of them.

but mostly, bits of you.