Somewhere in the Middle.

In October of 2012, I began this blog (somewhat disgruntled with life, with myself) as a reminder to not take things for granted, thus assembling my documentary of all things moving.  I posted – for the most part – stories that moved me with positive impact.  Along the way, I felt that perhaps that it is not only the positive stories worth penning.  The negatives, the ones that hurt, also enable feelings that allow me to continue to question, and to learn.

I redesigned this blog to give myself and this series of “documentaries” a new place to grow.  I will not only include what moves me, but also anything that stretches my way of thinking… those that intrigue, and those that provoke.  I will tuck each blog post into a chest of drawers, and some, for me, will be easier to open than others.  In the end, the purpose of Caterpillar In Training is still the same: never forget; be so, so grateful.

And so here I am.  Somewhere in the middle.